I have been reading “About the Authors” by Katie Wood Ray and Lisa B. Cleaveland over the past few weeks.  As I read, I have been getting really excited about starting Writer’s Workshop in my classroom.  I have a view on how I want it to work, and look forward to seeing growth in my students.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I have used Writer’s Workshop before and really liked it.  The first time that I used Writer’s Workshop was during my student teaching, 9 years ago!  Needless to say, I need a refresher.  As many other bloggers have stated, writing is often squeezed in and not made a priority.  I am guilty of this myself with all that we have to get done during the day.  We have a limited amount of time, and so many things that we are required to accomplish.

Chapter 4 in this weeks reading focuses on using the writing process to make books.  This chapter reminds me that writing is not about writing to prompts, it is an ongoing process.  It talks about “writing projects.”  I learned through this reading that writing should be thought of as a project.  We have a goal, such as making a book, then we must decide what we want to write about.  We brainstorm what ideas that we want to write about, then we make  draft, revise/edit, and finally publish.  Therefore, writing is an ongoing process in which we are constantly making our writing better.

I think that making a book would be a great project for my students.  We have made whole class books this year and my students really enjoy looking at them in the reading center.  A book is a great ongoing project that I think my students could learn a lot by completing.  Over the next few weeks, I would like to make this a project that we will complete!  I look forward to this project and posting great pictures and updates on how it is going!



3 thoughts on “Getting geared up for Writer’s Workshop

  1. I can’t wait to see how your students engage in the idea of book making. We do this in my classroom as well and I can’t describe the joy that fills their faces when they see their work published in a book. We incorporated blank books in the writing center this week which was a huge hit with the girls in our class. They became immediately excited about writing their own book. I know that your love for teaching will spill over into your students and they will likewise be excited. I know our classrooms are not too far apart in age so I am excited to watch the differences and similarities that come from each of our classes.


  2. I know returning after leave will be hard, but it sounds like you are excited to try out your Writer’s Workshop! Of course as a kindergartener-second grader (I had the same teacher), I didn’t realize what we were doing but our Writer’s Workshop was my favorite time of the day! Especially when we made a book as a class like you’re describing. Our teacher even made a “book” for each student to take home at the end (laminated pages and bound them with the plastic binding combs). I can’t wait to see what your kiddos come up with!


  3. I’m reading the same book! It’s been a great read so far for me. I completely agree that writing is squeezed in our day and is not made a priority. Time is the enemy. My first-graders LOVE making books. Kids just enjoy making stuff. I find it to be true as stated in the book that the volume of writing students produce is so much greater when they write a book as compared to any other form of writing. My class has written a lot of Pete the Cat books! Sometimes they mirror the actual book, but more often, they create new adventures for Pete. I love reading their books and listening to them read their books to the class. It has been one of my best ideas to put in the Work on Writing station of Daily 5. I stapled some blank sheets together one day and put the “books” in that station. I never dreamed it would take off like it has. After reading Ch. 4, I was thinking how glad I was to have actually done something right! I’m sure after all the books you have read in your classroom, your students will have no trouble coming up with ideas for their own books. I look forward to reading what your students write!


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