If a six year old REALLY wants something they can be quite annoying begging for it.  I wanted to capture this “ability” to make ones “feelings known” into an engaging writing experience.  This week we tried out the Art of Persuasive Writing.

It was Fun! Students planned, wrote, conferred, and shared! Here is some of things I documented this week.

Brainstorming…….Gathering Ideas……. Planning

I shared these mentor texts to introduce our unit

img_2020  img_2019  img_2022

We discussed how the characters in these books wanted something and they were pretty persuasive in how they asked for what they wanted.

The students talked with partners about their ideas for their own writing.  Then we got to work.  Writer’s Workshop contained blank books to be filled with six year old “begging” and “pleading” and smart “rationales”.   Here are some samples.

I want a new bike…….

img_2030-1  img_2031-1


I want a new puppy………………………….


I want a chocolate milk stand…………..????


The students were engaged in writing every day in writer’s workshop.  Some students created more than one book and we created a writing “Folder” of sorts for them to keep their stash of writings.  The students like to revisit books or stories they have started or written early.

Persuasive Writing was a real hit with my First Grade Crew!!





2 thoughts on “Writing to Persuade

  1. Michelle I always love reading the “real life” classroom posts that you write. I was drawn into the writing of your students this week. They really connected with persuasive writing and ran with it. They were able to write a lot and it seems like they really understood what you were asking of them through their writing. I was very impressed with their writing this week. You are making a difference in their writing abilities and it shows!


  2. I want a chocolate milk stand, too! 🙂

    Have you used the small blank books with these students before–or was this the first time? Did you notice any differences in what or how much students wrote in the books compared to typical lined paper? Beyond looking at the mentor texts as general guides to persuasive writing, did students actively look for writing craft/strategies/techniques?

    I’m also wondering whether it might be possible to create some kind of collaboration with Roxanne’s students, since they’re also exploring persuasive/argumentative writing. Perhaps students could confer with each other? Or even revise writing together? There are powerful benefits for both younger and older students in multiage learning/writing environments. Just a thought!


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