This has been one crazy week!  This is my first week back to school from maternity leave. It has been really hard coming to school and leaving my beautiful boy at home, but I get pictures of him throughout the day and can’t wait to get home everyday and kiss that sweet face!  My whole world has been changed for the better by our little miracle.  Even though coming back to school was hard, it did make me feel good to know that my students missed me so much. They have never given me so many hugs, they even had a countdown on the board until the day and came back, so sweet.

   Needless to say, with the excitement of me coming back to school, Valentine’s Day, it being a four-day week, and an assistant out with a sick child my plans of starting our books this week didn’t quite pan out.  We are going to start our books next week , I did tell them about the plan and they are very excited.
   We did a lot of free writing    this week, which my students loved. They kept saying “We can write about anything we want, really anything?” I have learned through all of my writing about Writers Workshop how important it is to let students choose what they write about. We will have writing prompts here and there, but I want to teach them to love writing and letting them write what they know about is one way to do that.
   Much of the writing this week was about their favorite teacher, Mrs. Davis!  What sweet students I have!  Writing time in Daily 5 also consisted of a lot of cards welcoming me back.  Below I have posted some pictures of writing time on Friday, most of the students chose to write about a book that we had read on this day.

Since my plans changed this week I also decided to take this opportunity to freshen up The Writing Center of daily 5 .  We added  notepads for making shopping list or other lists,  new paper to write on, glue and scissors (which they have not been allowed to use up until this point because they had previously made such a mess) and many other exciting new things. I am really excited to get started with their books next week and can’t wait to post pictures of the progress.


3 thoughts on “Change of plans!

  1. I am happy that your return was a joyful one. Are you planning to do the stapled pages books in your writing center? I am planning on doing this with a couple of my kids to see the difference of the less structured creation. I am excited to see what you do with your students.


  2. Shelly, I am planning on making books next weeks as a class and then I will add stapled books to the writing center the next week. I too am excited to see what my students little minds will come up with!


  3. I know your return was bittersweet, but it sounds like you got a warm welcome-back from your kiddos! It’s awesome to hear how excited they were when you told them they could write on any topic! Even though it was a crazy, not-as-planned week, that’s one of a teacher’s best qualities- flexibility! I’m sure your Writer’s Workshop startup will go wonderfully this week!


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