Another week has passed and my students continue to impress me. Teaching is hard, but when you have a group like I do that is so willing, eager, and receptive, it sure does make it easier… and fun! This week we’re covering the cell cycle and mitosis. You may remember this from middle school or high school when you learned how cells divide and multiply… at the same time! So of course with cells splitting, I just had to give these kiddos a chance to write their best break-up letter. Yep. They took on the role of a cell going through mitosis and had to “break-up” with their significant other.

It was sad, it was a little messy, but, in the end, it had to be done. 




A larger compilation of the letters can be found here.

Of course at the end of this, I had to express my concern to the kids that I felt like they had way too much experience in this area. On a more serious note, how awesome! Again this week, students were sharing with one another, enjoying writing, asking questions (What’s it called again when they have a full set of chromosomes?), reading through their notes, and looking up information to include. I am one proud teacher! I have been so pleased with my choice of research and implementation this semester. I feel like students are truly writing for a purpose in my class, enjoying it, and learning from it. What more could I ask for?


3 thoughts on “It’s not you… It’s me.

  1. I love what you have been doing in your class Hannah. It is so comical and I agree, so sad that they have so much experience is splitting from significant others. It seems like you are enjoying it and are even surprising yourself with how well this group of students is doing. I am happy for you to have found multi-genre writing to be useful and meaningful for your students. I think if I were in you class, I would learn with this approach. I can’t wait to read about what you do next!


  2. It is so awesome how you are creating writing opportunities for your students in science class. I love the break up stories. It is sad that high school students already spend way too much time worrying about getting together or breaking up but I would love to learn science in your class!


  3. I could almost hear Neil Sedaka singing while I read through your break-up letters. These were so well written that even though I didn’t learn anything without your instruction, I could tell that your students had. I’ll bet that they were so engaged in the lesson that time flew by! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next week!


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