Many words begin with the letter S. Sammy Snake likes to wear sunglasses as he sunbathes on the sand. Sometimes Sammy gets sick, and so do kindergarten teachers like Miss. Shelly. With that being said, I went home early two times this week and did not go in at all today. I have completely lost my voice, I have an inhaler, juice, tissues and feel so tired.

Needless to say, I did not get to do everything that I planned to do this week. My voice and chest were really struggling yesterday and I told my class I would not conference like we had been on Thursdays (and Fridays) to work in our story journals. I instead shared  a strategy with a couple of my students who have not begun writing their story journal yet. They have shared orally, but I wanted to see how they would write without any real direction in a blank book.

A blank book is a set of pages, mine have no more than 6, stapled together for children to create a story in. There are no lines and really no boundaries. I told them they could  work in the writing center and if they chose to they could write in a blank book (there were other options). The two children that I gave this direction to do not have a strong sight work bank. Zachary knows 3 words, a, I and see. Andrea is pretty good with cvc words but they are not quite automatic for her yet, she relies on tapping them all out. I gave them 20 minutes in the writing center and this is what I was given.

I knew they were going to work together. Andrea is very maternal and she tries to help Zachary a lot. I was surprised with what they did get on paper with no help or guidance.

Zachary was not completely sure with what he wrote, I am pretty sure he made it up as he read it to me. But that is still sharing his story and he was focused on writing. He is definitely struggling with the concept that words do have a meaning. My room is filled with words and he really used what was around in the writing center to help him create thoughts.

Zachary’s story (What he told me): Summer, I play with my bother, I play with him outside, I play with my doggie.

Andrea’s story is interesting because she wrote about a concept that my observations have her as not understanding, opposites.

Andrea’s Story (What she told me): Have Fun, Come and play with me, Have fun in the dark or in the sun, I see a bat it is dark, In the sun or in the dark. Then she drew a picture of the dark, nighttime and the sun daytime.

When my next group came to work with me during reading centers, one of my boys, Javier asked if he could write in “one of those little books.” I of course said “Yes, when you go to the writing center you are welcome to.” He zoomed over to writing so quickly when it was his time. He was very focused and was so quiet, which is not like him. Afterward he told me he did not feel like adding pictures, but was finished.

Below is Javier reading his story. He misses couple of pages because he flipped book the wrong direction while he was reading. I love how when he saw me turn my phone on he got serious and pulled up a chair.

The password is abc

Javier’s book:

The Sunny Day, What will we do on a sunny day, we play in the park, what will we do on a sunny day, we like to play on a sunny day, and it is so much fun




One thought on “This Weeks Blog is Brought To You By The Letter S

  1. I can relate! Last week did not go as planned for me during writing. As teachers, we learn to adapt. It looks like your students are enjoying what they are doing and they are producing some great work. I’m glad that they are excited to go to writing center, and how you described one little boy as zooming to the writing center. This is not always a popular center, but your students are building confidence!


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