This week was a continuation from last week.. The “I DON”T THINK I CAN DO THIS” week finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel.  Or to better fit my title, we climbed the mountain and with satisfaction and smiling faces!


Last week I was trying to figure out how to get the students to revise and edit.  They really just didn’t want to.  I tried to figure out things to motivate them.  One thing I showed them was a video from


The students began to understand the importance of why we revise and edit.  So my thoughts were, they just see the importance in it.  They didn’t care about revising because they saw no point in it.  After watching this short clip, they began to see how making it better can make a BIG difference.  It took us all week to get everyone’s revised and just like the way they wanted it.  I had students read theirs to other students like in the video and I had some students help others.  Especially if I was having a hard time getting to everyone that day for conferencing.  My early finishers were able to go around the room and help others with their writing.  They would read their piece back to the friend and see if the actual author of the piece could catch anything he/she didn’t like.

Telling them the book would be in our classroom library excited them all.  I heard…REALLY?!?!? throughout the classroom.  Others were saying “I can’t wait to read everyone’s” writing” and “can I have one of my own?”  I told the students I would make them a stapled, black and white copy to take home but the colored book binded version would be in our classroom library.  I didn’t get to make the book at the end of this week yet because we had a few students absent and I wanted to make sure they had the same opportunities to revise and edit their piece so that it could be included in our final copy!

One of my most surprising and uplifting moments as a teaching this year is I had students that finished early say “can I go write in my notebook?”  If  that is all I accomplish with this classroom then I have to say I am very proud of myself and my students.  At the beginning of the year it was like pulling teeth to get them to write 2 sentences.  They just finished a major piece that took a lot of work and conferencing and rewriting and they still want to write in their notebook!






I will upload pictures of the editing as soon as I get back to my classroom!


2 thoughts on “God Doesn’t Give Us Mountains We Can’t Climb….and boy did we climb!

  1. What you did was awesome! Sometimes we forget to explain the point behind what we are asking them to do. Showing them the video was a wonderful idea to help them not only see the point, but to motivate them as well. I love that you let your early finishers go around and help their classmates as well as putting their books in your class library. It sounds like you motivated your class not only to revise, but to write more!


  2. Mark it down: our first GIF in a blog post! When thinking about how people read/write/communicate in “real” life, the GIF is becoming a mainstay (along with the emoji), so it’s nice to see you integrate it here on a “academic/professional” blog.

    One thing that struck my in your post was that you seemed to feel more excitement over the child asking, “Can I go write in my notebook?” than you did over the children’s very detailed, well-written final drafts of their narratives. To me, this says it all: you are beginning to value the PROCESS over the product, which means that your students are beginning to do this too. Yes, the final drafts are beautiful, but our larger goal is that children begin to genuinely see themselves as writers who write in the world even beyond school.

    Thanks for sharing this revising video! If your students responded so positively to it, I wonder if they might be interested in making their own video at some point–teaching other children and teachers something you’ve all learned about the writing process and writing craft. Might be fun for a small group or even your whole class to plan/write as a way to wrap up Writing Workshop at the end of the year. You could begin by asking the question: What have we learned to do as writers this year that we want to share with other students and teachers? Just an idea. 🙂


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