This week, we finally got back in the grove.  I was really excited to make books with my students and to see how creative their little minds would be.  On Monday, I let my students know that they would be making books this week and that they would get to be the author AND the illustrator!   They were a little unsure as to whether or not they could write an entire book.

We talked about how to brainstorm, I gave examples on the board, and students went back to their seats and started writing away.  They had so many ideas that it was hard for them to choose what they wanted to make a book about.  Students first wrote in their writing notebook, and then my assistant and I helped them edit what they had written until they felt like they had a good story.

After editing, they were able to transfer their story into a book.

I don’t think I had ever seen my students work so hard. Some had their books finished pretty quick and for some it took the whole week. Many of my students made several books throughout the week.

They were now proud authors!

I had several students asked me if I can add books to The Writing Center, which was my plan all along so I happily said “Of course I will.”  I also made sure this week that everyone got to share their book. Each child had a chance to get up in front of the class and read their book and show their illustrations. I had planned on letting a just few students share, but every one of them wanted to share.  Even the quietest student in the class was proud to get up and share his book!

Now for a few videos!

Overall, I think that writing this week went great!  My students learned a lot, they felt like proud writers, and I could not get them to stop making books!




8 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books!

    1. I had several more videos, but for some reason, I had the hardest time with getting my blog to post this week. They were all so excited to read their books, and I enjoyed seeing them get so excited.


  1. I have been so pleased with the power of blank books being added to my classroom as well. I am excited to see that your students share the same excitement for becoming valued authors in the classroom. The addition of pictures and videos was a great thought, it truly captured the magic that happened this week in your classroom.


  2. Kids just love making stuff! I think that is one reason making books is so successful in my room. They also love being called authors and illustrators and that is exactly how we want them to see themselves. It sounds like your students had a blast this past week. I love all your pictures and both videos. I see great things happening in your classroom!


  3. I absolutely LOVED this! The caps caught my eye and mad me want to read. Then the pictures touched my heart. Knowing all of those little faces made seeing how hard they were working extra special.

    My 6th graders have been just as eager. The first day I had them sneak to the office to try and call home because they wanted to go home together and work on it. I had another student complete her rough drafts and make a model over the weekend. Their excitement is WONDERFUL!!!!


  4. I loved watching your videos! I love that they are so eager to share at this age. Sometimes I feel like I have to pull teeth to get just one to share! It looks like your book project was super successful!


  5. I’m so glad you are getting back into the groove of things! I’m sure it’s hard getting started but it seems that this writing stuff comes so naturally to them as long as we allow the time for them to grow. Your students look like they are enjoying the activity so much!!!


  6. “I love talking about boats!”–What a fitting finale to that’s child book! A reminder to teachers that children are MUCH more engaged in writing when they write about things they a) know a lot about, and b) actually care about.

    Children asking if they can put the books in the Writing Center demonstrates that they this kind of writing as having a true/authentic purpose. Is not just for the teacher to read anymore. It’s a way to share lives, ideas, and interests with a larger community. I look forward to seeing what your next move is with book writing and creating in your classroom. What is the next “idea/craft/skill” that you can see teaching that will move children forward to create even stronger, more detailed books?


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