Some teachers have a Dr. Seuss day, I have weeks of Seuss. I always love when I can begin to use the many amazing books with my classes. This week has been no exception. These stories just seem to make all students laugh. We did several days of rhyming in writing with our morning message. This type of writing is always a crowd pleaser. Ex. Who has silly socks? The fox has blue socks. Andrea has funny sunny socks. Zachary wore red socks to bed.

Throughout all of this excitement and of writing in rhymes and reading, I did continue to use blank books and helped several of my students finish stories in their story journals.

This week I wanted to work a little more one-on-one with one of my girls, Annie. On Monday, she created a blank book which had a great story. It had illustrations that matched what the words that she wrote to help the reader better understand the story and she showed a lot of sound identification knowledge with her spelling. She also wrote the entire story backwards.

I normally don’t really address this (writing backward or flipping letters the opposite way) with kindergarteners directly, but I may refer to an image of the correct direction or write  on a piece of paper and say, Yes, look at this b, the belly is in the front.”  Writing this way is something I have seen from Annie, with her name every once in a while, but a total first as a teacher to have an entire story written backwards. She even tracked it to me right to left, every single word. She is one of my best students and I thought this was so odd, and I asked her, “Do we read this way?” and I placed my finger on the left and dragged it right on her own page. She giggled and said, “Yeah, sometimes I forget.”

Below is some of her work from that story:

On Thursday Annie finished her first story in her story journal. She has really grown with her writing. She almost always adds a vowel in her words, even though she is still spelling phonetically. She has grown to write with more slender letters and her spacing is on right where it needs to be. I joke with her sometimes that her handwriting is neater than mine.


Below is her reading her final story. The password is abc.

Last week, I uploaded Javier reading his blank book. He was very eager to do that activity.  He is a student that makes me smile so much thought the day. He has grown tremendously this year with reading and writing ability. His story is about finding his cats playing in the lawn mower bin.

I have to continue to say how pleased I am with my students and their writing. I have seen them become more independent the past 4-5 weeks with writing and that pleases me so much. They are more inclined to try to spell words on their own and are moving around in the room more looking for words they are trying to spell (that they know I have used in a morning message or some type of modeled writing) and even looking in books for specific words.


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