This week we celebrated  Dr. Seuss’ birthday!  We read dr. Seuss books, watched dr. Seuss movies, and wrote all about dr. Seuss.

   This week I did do a little bit of writing to prompts. I want to my students to write about their favorite dr. Seuss book that we I want to my students to write about their favorite dr. Seuss book that we had read. But there was also plenty of time for free writing this week!
Most of the free writing of course was about Dr.seuss. The kids loved this unit so much I think we will probably continue it for one more week since next week is a short 4 day week.

   My goal for this week was to do as many writing conferences as I could. It’s something I try to do anyway but I was more mindful of it this week. I was also more mindful about the language I used with students while conferencing.  I said things like “tell me more about that” and “wow, I bet you could write more about that, I can’t wait to see what you write next” also “I like how you… but why don’t you try…”  My students really enjoyed the one on one time and telling me all about their story.  They really worked hard to improve their writing the next day, using the suggestions I shared.  I made sure to brag on them for improving their writing, which of course was a huge confidence booster!
   As a reward for working so hard all week, we had a special guest come and read us a book on Friday.  It was the Cat in the Hat!  This was a very exciting week for all of the kids.
Next week, I plan on going back to making books in my classroom.  They have loved making books!  I want to give my students the opportunity to write and share a silly story inspired by Dr. Seuss!



3 thoughts on “And the special guest is…

  1. I love celebrating and reading stories written by Dr. Seuss!!! That is a great inclusion to have the cat in the hat come read to your students. I am sure they absolutely loved that!!

    Sounds like you’re on a great track with conferencing with your students. What a great way to show them you are invested in them and that you care about their work. I enjoyed reading about the way you are changing how you communicate ideas with them. These phrases are inspiring to children. They want to please adults and make them proud, you are showing them that they are doing just that.


  2. I really enjoyed reading your post! I think it’s amazing how it’s like you haven’t missed a beat!
    Using your writing centered around Dr. Seuss was a good idea for this week. I can tell by your pictures that the students are really enjoying the writing. Did I see a young boy with a half page of writing?!? WOW!


  3. Yes Beth! I have really been encouraging my students to writer more in the last few weeks. I told them that they are getting ready to be big 1st and 2nd graders and they need to write more! The kindergarteners are really starting to shine and are trying to out do the first graders!


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