This week was very busy. I missed a couple of days and we had 2-hour delays. But I had written in my plans that it would be a good week to try to work on making some books as a class. I believe I made a good choice with choosing to plan to do this-this particular week since I did not have much time for one-on-one time with my students.

First we wrapped up last week by reading Green Eggs and Ham and tasting the two bright green foods. This lead us to give our opinions, pre and post tasting. On Tuesday we wrote what food we like the most on our morning message, ex; Jayda likes ____________ the most. Then they wrote about what they would have liked to eat instead of green eggs and ham. Many students chose to write their choice that was on the message, so they have some difficult words spelled correctly that normally would not be, but I do encourage them to use the environment for help and support. I had students share with each other what they were going to write and I connected all of the pages into a book.

Going along with Green Eggs and Ham and green for St. Patrick’s Day, I taught about rainbows this week. After reading some rainbow books and singing and dancing to rainbow songs for a couple of days we wrote a class poem book about the colors of the rainbow.

My students had a fun time coming up with objects to match the colors. Quite a few used oranges to describe the color orange and I had to convince a couple of them that orange and orange are the same word. I am still not sure they actually believe me. Below are some pages of the book.

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The video below is of one of my students reading his rainbow poem aloud. He has really struggled with week (home problems, emotional worry, coming to school late), he has been attached my my hip and has only been working with me by his side. I thought this video of him reading as he looked at me, not his peers and really needed my reassurance was awfully interesting. The joy in his face when he finished was so nice to see, after knowing how much he has been struggling. The password is abc.


3 thoughts on “The Rainbow Connection

  1. Shelly,
    I loved your book making this week. It’s amazing how our kindergarten students have grown as writer’s. They are so bold and courageous to share their work. Katie Ray and Matt Glover are right, our young kindergarten students are “Already Ready”. They are showing us that they are learning what it means to be a writer and are understanding the process.


  2. Don’t kids just love rainbows? Kids connect to color and it makes it fun for everyone – the author and the reader. I enjoyed reading the color poems. I noticed that your students were trying some more challenging vocabulary. That tells me that you are a teacher who encourages risk taking and that your classroom must be a safe place for students to learn and grow.


  3. I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your students great work. It is so great that all of our students enjoy making books and writing so much. Your students are gaining confidence and becoming great writers. I really enjoy Kindergarten because there is so much growth from the beginning of the year to the end.


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