What a fun and crazy week in K-1!  This week, we have had two 2 hour delays, a full moon, the time change, and St. Patrick’s Day!  We have been so off schedule.  Even though the week has been crazy, I made sure to get reading and writing in each day.  Some days, we didn’t quite get all of our math in but I’m more of an ELA person!  We learned all about the history of St. Patrick’s Day as well as read fiction books about St. Patrick’s Day.  My students wrote about how to build Leprechaun traps this week, what they would do if they caught a Leprechaun, what they would do if they got his gold, etc.  At the end of the week, we made Leprechaun traps!   We are hoping to catch one so that we can get his gold.

Even though the week did not go as planned, we had a lot of fun.  We did fiction and non-fiction writing this week, and wrote letters to the Leprechaun!  I am planning  to continue with non-fiction reading and writing next week.  Next week, we will be learning about Spring.  We will use what we have learned to write an informative writing piece in the form of books.  My students will work collaboratively with a partner to produce a great book which they will then use to teach us all about spring.  I look forward to seeing what my students can produce!




3 thoughts on “Looking for Leprechauns

  1. It looks like you all had a really fun week! I am glad you shared your hectic, crazy, off schedule week. As teachers, we all know that every week changes and it always helps to hear other teachers talk about the schedule not going like it normally does. Again, I believe that is what makes teaching fun. It’s also awesome that you stuck to writing each day even with an “off” schedule!


  2. I am feeling that there is a reoccurring theme throughout our classrooms these past two weeks. We have all battled craziness in our days. From reading your post this week it seems that your students had a great time in the classroom and were fully engaged in some writing activities even though your schedule wasn’t as you planned. It is easy to get off schedule for sure but I see that you made it all work out for the good of your students each and every day.


  3. Last week was crazy!!!! People just don’t realize how children are affected by a change in routine, not to mention a full moon and the time change. I love the activities and the writing you are doing with your class. (I really love the green tables too! Very festive.)


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