When I first learned that I would be writing a blog that anyone could access I was mortified. Writing has never been one of my strengths and the thought of sharing MY writing with the world was terrifying. That fear lessened as the weeks went on. I am slowly becoming more comfortable with this writing style.  I do believe that writing in this format on a weekly basis has helped me not only as a writer, but as a teacher as well. Writing a blog has helped me learn to spend more time thinking about my writing, reflect on my teaching in a more meaningful way, and better my writing mechanics.

By having to write on a blog that the world can see, I have been forced to give the blog a lot more thought than I have past writings. I spend time thinking of an appropriate topic and how I can present that topic. I think about what voice I should use when creating my blog. I even spend time trying to come up with a unique title. I want anyone that reads my post to stop and think wow, she is a good writer or oh my goodness this girl is making a point. In the past, I would not have spent so much time trying to make my writing interesting. I would have focused on the topic that was assigned and providing the information that went with that topic. Blog writing is so much more than answering a question or writing a reflection. A lot of additional thought goes into its creation.

In addition to writing for a different audience, this writing method has helped me reflect upon my teaching practices in a different way. Every week I sit down and I think about what new methods I have tried, how well those methods worked or didn’t work and what I can do to make those methods better next time or if there should be a next time.

While reflecting is important, It is not the only thing that writing a blog has helped me do. This method of writing has helped me to work on my writing as a whole. Because the blog is public, I want to use proper grammar and correct spelling. I know that I am a quality teacher and I want my writing to reflect that. Writing a blog has helped me to better my professional writing and feel more confident sharing my writing with my colleagues.


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