I have really enjoyed blogging this semester.  It is interesting to me to see what other teachers are doing in their classrooms.  I can see what is working and what is not, as well as get some great ideas and inspiration.   I think that we have all taken the approach as mentioned in the article “Writing as Teacher Leadership” of just telling the truth about all of our classrooms and experiences. We have all talked openly about our struggles and success.  We have talked about the decisions that we have made and the reasons why. 


   Both professionally and personally, blogging has made me think more about what I am doing in my classroom.  It makes me stop and think about if what I am doing is truly working, and if it is something that the students are enjoying.  I want my students to be successful because I want to show off how smart they are each week!  As mentioned in the article “There are things we wish to say and audiences we wish to address, and now, we are willing to take responsibility for that.”  (Whitney and Badiali pg.3)  I have been typing in my blog as if I am talking to teachers and letting them know what works.  When I say that a week has been crazy, everyone can relate!  I also think that by responding to each others blogs, we are able to give feedback and receive feedback that is useful to use as teachers. 


   Writing a blog can be looked at as a form of teacher leadership because we are giving each other so many ideas.  We are sharing resources and feedback with each as well.  I also look at my self as the leader of my classroom.  It is up to me to make my students successful and to reflect on my teaching (which this weekly blog requires me to do)  and change what might not be working.  If I inspire another teacher to try something, then that is even better!


   Blogging is just one way of sharing information with other teachers in a quick way, without having to meet face to face every week.  We are all busy, but have the time to read a short blog and be informed about what is going on in our professional learning community.  Blogging is a friendly and relaxed way of professional writing.  I was pretty intimidated when we first started, but I feel better about my blog each week!



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