Yes, we are still dancing to the tune of “Becoming Better Writers”.  Our young writers are showing more enthusiasm about writing, illustrating and sharing their work.  I believe they now know how to dance to the writer’s beat.  They are showing that they believe in their own abilities.  In the beginning, you could see on their faces that they dreaded writing time.  They continued to sing the same old song, “ I don’t know what to write about,” or just write one simple sentence.

We still have a few who lack self- esteem and courage, but are gaining courage everyday as they see other’s share with so much energy and pride their work.  Giving the students time to share their work not only helps them but it helps their audience as well.  Mrs. Wyatt and I show each student how much we value their work and this causes them to gain self-worth as well.  Attached you will find a video of our little writer’s. The password is “abc”.


4 thoughts on “And the Beat Goes On

  1. I am so happy that the students in your class are writing more and not all looking so scared at the thought of the task. Practice, practice, practice I think is the key in kindergarten, just keep writing. I love how encouraging Mrs. Wyatt is. I like how she focused on what each student did do in their piece. I know you do that as well when you are working with and conferencing with your kindergarten friends. Keep smiling Jackie!


  2. Jackie,
    Mrs. Wyatt is so fortunate to have you. We have been able to watch the students in your class grow and develop into young writers. Your encouragement means so much at this early stages of learning! I always enjoy reading your posts about the exciting things happening in Kindergarten.


  3. I think it’s a wonderful thing seeing all those students smiling as they are sharing or waiting their turn to share. I am sure you would have not seen this excitement at the beginning of the year. You have done so well with these students and I know Mrs. Wyatt appreciates everything you are doing!


  4. Your classroom makes my heart smile!! It is so exciting for me to see how far they have came from last year to now at, almost, the end of Kindergarten. We are so lucky to have you at Sparta School. Mrs. Jackie I see great things in your future and in the lives of your future students.


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