This week, our word of the week was, and. It is such and important word and since we have been making a lot of comparisons in kindergarten recently, with flat/solid shapes, coins, characters and settings as well as the change of seasons, I thought a writing assignment with, and would be meaningful. Verbally my students have been practicing making comparisons, but I am still doing a good amount of prompting. For example someone will be comparing a cone and a sphere and they will say, “It has a vertex.” But they forget to name what it is that are referring to. I have to say, “How do we know what shape you are referring to if you don’t tell us?” Then I will compare kids or something familiar as a model of the language, “Jayda has short boots  and Destiny has tall boots on.” I tell them that I name the two things being compared and I use the word, and, so the listener knows I am still making a comparison.

So, for writing on Thursday we composed sentences like the ones I had been modeling using the word, and. I first wrote a model of two different ones, then we made two others together.  They used my set of examples as a reference as they were writing their own in a small group with me. I began each mini lesson with asking my students to to close their eyes and think of two things they would like to compare. Then, they told me what they were thinking and they spoke their sentence aloud a couple of times.

Noticed that all of my students on this particular day really used the knowledge they had and sounded out words. Even difficult words, I had a girl spell hippopotamus, and she never once asked for help. Afterward, I had students read their sentences aloud to make sure they did not leave any words out and reminded them about periods. They all were using goos spacing on their own, I think I only reminded one child about that skill. Then they drew a picture to match the words and read their sentence to someone who was not working in their group at the table.

Below are some examples of what they wrote:

Destiny wrote: Destiny has short hair and Isabella has long hair. Braxton wrote: Bears run on four feet and Trexes run on two feet.

Zachary (above) wrote: Frogs eat bugs and dogs eat dog food.


2 thoughts on “And…

  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs Shelly! You make me miss teaching kindergarten…just a little. 🙂 I thought you had a fabulous idea of tying your math concept of comparison to a writing activity. You can tell by their sentences that they totally got the idea. I absolutely love their illustrations! Your kiddos are wonderful little artists. Hats off to the little girl who spelled hippopotamus all by herself. That is a testament to the kind of writing environment you have created in your classroom when a kindergartner is willing to tackle such a huge word independently.


  2. Your blogs are always an inspiration to me as I read them. I can always get a glimpse of the pride in your students as I read about their accomplishments. You are so dedicated to making sure each child is successful, but you do so in a loving and fun way. It is obvious that you are creating a classroom full of students that are ready to tackle whatever 1st grade has to throw at them.


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