Prepare for picture overload this week!!

As an early childhood educator I have the privilege of teaching the youngest of learners. I have the blessing of watching as their face light up as they learn new things. However, I am also faced with the dreadful end of the year!! I know my coworkers reading this are now thinking…WHAT, there is NOTHING dreadful about the END of a school year!!!!


For me as a preschool teacher I dread the end, not because I’m not ready for summer break, but because teaching young children is such a magical experience that I don’t want to end. It is absolutely amazing what they can learn in a short period of time. This week is proof that the end is near.


I have watched my students grow and change in so many ways, but I have been completely blown away particularly by their growth in literacy development and writing. I set out on a journey at the beginning of this semester to grow aspiring authors and illustrators. I had it in my mind in order to do this I would increase their stamina, confidence and create opportunities for writing instruction on their level. Guess what….

IT WORKS!!!! This week I have proof that hard work and dedication pays off no matter the age of the child! As we were in the middle of our large group meeting, I was conducting my daily writing instruction. I knew immediately it was going to be something worth while so I quickly turned on my camera (for our assignment this week), and let me tell you I’m glad I captured this moment!!! The author that you see hard at work in this clip is one that has been very reluctant because she didn’t believe in herself as a writer. I have noticed that she began to observe and engage with the two students who write the most in our room recently. It is amazing what their peers can bring out in them!


She is proof that everything I’ve been doing this semester was not in vain. She had been making random strings of letters but never before this attempted to sound out any words. She had never drawn a picture that connected to text. Today she also landed us right in the middle of a talk about details in pictures. She came up with ideas about how to make it clear to the reader what was in her pictures on her own.

I could go on and oun about how proud I am of her, and my other students, but I will let you just watch their interactions from our large group time together. You can hear them encouraging her, helping her, and adding ideas. I wish I would have been able to show them all during this time so you could see their engagement, but I think you will still be able to join in the moment from the clip below. The password is abc



6 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. Brandi,
    As always, I am so moved by the work you do with those preschoolers. They have made so much progress and growth. I love your passion to teach those young learners. I learn from you daily.


  2. It is amazing how much children pick up from the other children in the room. This young lady has grown into her own “writer self”. After time observing the “writers” in the room, she became one herself. They have really grown through your love and encouragement. They are going to go into Kindergarten with so many skills!


  3. The end is always so bitter sweet. Teachers and students alike are tired and in desperate need of a break. However, letting go of the students we have grown to love is always hard.


  4. This video should be required viewing for pre-service and in-service teachers in the primary grades who hold onto the assumption that young children are too young to engage in generative writing. Not only are you and the child highly engaged in the writing event, but so are the other children in the classroom! From random strings of letters to labeling illustrations and writing whole sentences. Who knew prek children could do this? (You knew!)


  5. I agree that it is hard to give up our students at the end of each year, no matter the ages of the students. They have become our own children during these last ten months. We FINALLY get them to the point that we wish they had been when they came into our classrooms and it’s time to send them along to the next teacher! Don”t worry, Brandi. You have made such an impact on these young students that they will never and will come back often to touch base.


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