During this semester I have learned new ideas and strategies for teaching writing.  I love what I see in our young kindergarten students.  They are taking writing to a new level for themselves.   There is a sweet writer’s aroma in the room daily as the children swiftly get their writing materials and get to work right away on writing their sentences.  You can see the critical thinking look on their faces.

Now that they understand the value of share time and that their work is being collected to be put in a book of their writings to be read by others, they intentionally write more sentences and draw impressive illustrations.  Sharing their writing helps them understand the writing process.  Katie Wood Ray & Matt Glover in Already Ready, Nurturing Writers in Preschool and Kindergarten, says “Sharing children’s books helps them understand that writing ends with reading, and hopefully with readers laughing or sighing or exclaiming over something the writer has crafted… Over time, as children experience the responses of others, they can begin to anticipate readers in much the same way experienced writers do.”  Ray & Glover p.187

Here is a video from one of this week’s sharing:  Oops!  I went to get my video camera and realized I left it at school.  So, rather than a video, here are a few writings from this week:

Aiden's picsIMG_0164 KellyIMG_0163 AndrewIMG_0213


2 thoughts on “Supporting Young Writers with Share Time

  1. People do not always understand the value in kids sharing their work. I am glad that you see it and are sharing how much of a difference sharing has had in your classroom.


  2. I have learned so much about writing too Jackie! You can teach an old dog new tricks! I am glad you also see the value of letting your students share their writing. It’s so important for them to view themselves as authors and illustrators. Letting them share their work allows them to take on this roles. Keep up the great work you are doing with writing in kindergarten!


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