This was a fun week in K-1!  This week, we read Fairy Tales.  I read several stories and we were also able to watch those same stories on the smart board!  My students really got into this unit.  I like to read the classics along with other versions of each story.  For example, we read “Three Little Pigs” the original version, the version were two of the pigs spend their money on potato chips and sody pop (therefore they only have enough money to build their out of straw and sticks), and a graphic novel version where the pigs come out of the story.  We also read and watched “The True story of the Three Little Pigs” as told by A. wolf!  This one was a hit.

This week we also read and watched several versions of Little Red Ridding hood, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We had a lot of fun writing about these stories this week.  I was guilty of doing a writing prompt on Friday of this week, “Write about which story was you favorite”. I am trying not to do so many writing prompts.  But I found that the students wrote about these fairy tales everyday anyway.  They really enjoyed them and wanted to write all about their favorite parts.

I have really enjoyed seeing my students grow as writers this year.  They are becoming so confident in their writing and actually WANT to write.  We do our CAFE/Story time before MTSS and lunch followed by writing.  They often ask to skip MTSS groups so that they can write.


4 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. Sharing fairy tales and alternate versions is always fun! Have you read Goatilocks and the Three Bears? That one is my favorite variation from the original Three Bears, and it is hilarious!

    I don’t think prompts are always bad. You do not do them all the time for your writing time. You also had your students drawing ideas from a weeks worth of learning, your prompt helped them narrow down their choice of a favorite to write about.


  2. I don’t think writing prompts once in a while are bad, either. They have to get used to the idea that sometimes we have to do what the Powers that Be tell us to do. I’m sure your kiddos really enjoyed the Fairy Tales. Don’t forget to read The Paper bag Princess to them!


  3. When I was in primary I loved when we did fairy tales and fables. It was one of my favorite themes! Reading and comparing the different versions is so much fun. I love that your kids are so excited about writing. There is just something about these stories that get kids excited.


  4. Susan,
    I know what you mean. It is amazing how our young writers have grown. I love how they get excited about sharing their work.


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