This week we continued our quest of adding details to pictures. This focus was intentional over the last several weeks as I wanted to encourage my students to connect their pictures to their drawings. I wanted them to be able to provide more details with their writing through the use of pictures. They are 4 so their writing, while progressing, is not able to describe fully a picture.


I have to say this week was the first week that I was able to see noticeable progress in their drawings. They were all very successful in adding details across many projects and free writing activities. I have chosen to highlight for you an activity that they were all encouraged to participate in some way. We have been creating class books based on activities, themes, or author studies. This book was written with the book Brown Bear Brown Bear by: Eric Carle in mind. They each picked a classmate in the class that they saw looking at them and then proceeded to draw their pictures. We have been studying details and what kinds of things we can do to make our pictures tell a story. I have also been focusing their attention toward including all the necessary parts or items. For instance when drawing people we have been looking beyond their head, trunk, legs, and arms. I did not give them any prompting other than to read the sentence on the page for them. I wanted drawing to be the focus of this activity so their writing in this activity was minimal. They have had other opportunities to write throughout the week but their progress was too extraordinary in this activity to miss. IMG_1257[1](it is difficult to see in the picture but Daniel is pointing out the eyelashes and eyebrows he drew for Lilly in his picture.)

As they thought of the person’s name they wanted to write in the blank they then began to think about what that person looks like, what kinds of things they like, and how they dress. They began to think about what color their eyes, hair, and skin is without prompting. They dug down deeper and added even more details such as ten fingers on each hand, and ten toes on each foot. they added eye lashes, and eye brows. My favorite, and perhaps the most descriptive detail was yellow teeth. Abby said “I’m coloring her teeth yellow because she’s still at home and she hasn’t brushed them yet”.


This activity really demonstrated how they are progressing in their ability to connect thoughts to paper. Becoming a more in tune illustrator is part of the process to becoming a great writer after all. These two little boys below make my heart swell knowing that they have gone from drawing just scribbles on the page to being confident enough in their abilities to create a recognizable picture of a person…with details!!


One thought on “It’s all in the details

  1. I loved your post this week Brandi! I remember all too well in kindergarten when students would draw a person with a head and arms as well as legs coming out of their head! It was like they had never had any practice or instruction on how to draw a person. It is so smart of you to encourage your little ones to add more details to their pictures by looking at the person and talking about what they notice about the person. I can see they are developing into wonderful illustrators. You can tell them that a first grade teacher was very impressed with their drawings and all the details they added!

    P.S. The comment about the yellow teeth was hilarious!


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