IMG_4919Once again, this week I did a little more with stepping back and letting the students take control of writing time.

Like always, I seem to want to put my ideas in too much and the students lose interest because they don’t value their own thoughts or opinions enough and I most certainly blame myself, not them!

we had been talking about finding anything around us to write about and we shared some of those writings last week.  We also had talked about using more descriptive words in our writing!  I put up a list, on the smartboard, so the students could have a little guidance with this task.

Something else that I tried this week was instead of letting me confer with them in small groups or individually, I put them into small groups and the talked about and shared their writings among themselves. I felt this helped them get on a level they were comfortable with because when they confer with me you can tell some students won’t say much because they don’t want to do something wrong in front of me or they think I will not like their writing……FYI, they have no reason to think this but you know how small children can be.

When they met with their small group, they each shared their stories. I heard students complimenting others on their writing and giving feedback. One thing I did ask the groups to do was talk with each other and help each other add descriptive words to their writing!  I gave each student a marker and they wrote down some of the ideas, in their notebook, when things/ideas were being mentioned within their group. Most of the students were able to share a short piece with their group and got at least two ideas. Some groups needed a little more guidance and that’s when I decided to put the list of descriptive words on the board. This way they had ideas but my mouth still didn’t say much to any of the groups!!!!😜


One thought on “They are the writers!!!!

  1. As teachers it’s hard to step back sometimes. We want to be there every step of the way controlling what goes on (or at least that’s how I feel sometimes), but what you are doing is fantastic. You are creating a writing community where your students are comfortable sharing their ideas, feedback as well as writing with their peers. I love your pictures of your groups working together. We know that kids learn from other kids so why not let them teach and support one another!


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