I have some great videos of my students that I took this past week.  I am out of town and posting this on my phone, so I will load them later!  This week, I just let my students be creative and write whatever they wanted to write!

Some wrote stories, some made books, and some worked with friends on writing.  Now days, my students can not wait for writing time!  It is really pretty awesome that they have learned to like writing that much that they are asking if we can write earlier in the day!  They don’t want tol wait.

My students have become more confident and comfortable with writing.  They try to or do each other and argue over who gets to share each day.  Even the shyest students can’t wait to share.  I have never been really confident in my own writing so I guess I didn’t value it much before.  I can see that the more confident I have become and the more value I have put on writing, it has rubbed off on my students too.



4 thoughts on “They are writers!

  1. Susan, I know you are right. Students generally take on the same attitude the teacher has about learning in the classroom. I believe they value writing now because you value it more.


  2. I too have noticed this trend in my classroom. We are their biggest and most influential role models at this point. They look to us for guidance and they mimic what we do. I think it’s so funny to listen to them playing teacher and instructing each other on what we have been learning in class.

    I appreciate that you have found value in allowing them the time to write freely. I think this is a very important aspect for young writers and they need practice in this.


  3. Yes, Susan you have a classroom of “writers”!! It is a wonderful teacher moment when we can see that students are learning and developing even it all aren’t growing at the same rate. All kids look to the teacher as the gauge to measure how they are doing in the class. We are the students biggest cheerleader.


  4. I have never been really confident in my own writing so I guess I didn’t value it much before

    That took some courage to say, my friend! I know exactly what you are talking about. We fear and avoid the unknown. Now that we have a solid foundation, I think we will begin to see our students soar!


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