thatOver the past two years, I have worked extremely hard to complete my masters degree. The journey has been long and hard, but the information that I have gained is invaluable. In this course alone, I have learned how to teach non fiction writing through writer’s notebooks and multi-genre projects. My classes wrote on a daily basis and have developed more as writers than any other class I have ever taught. You can see more about my students growth and what I have learned in the attached paper about a PD I have developed based on my course work and readings.


In addition to this class, other classes were just as beneficial to me as a classroom teachers and in many ways, I am saddened that this journey is coming to an end. The upcoming year will allow me to implement the techniques I have learned over the span of the past two years. Next year, I plan to continue using methods that I have learned such as DRTA and Reciprocal Teaching during guided reading. I also want to continue using daily writer ‘s notebooks. Furthermore, I would like to add more conferencing with students about their writing into my routine. Their are so many other things that I have learned that I plan to continuing using such as, mentor text, students choice and the power of discussion.  Even though I will no longer be gaining knowledge from professors, I still feel that I will continue to grow as an educator by continuing to prefect the methods taught by those professors.




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