As for myself as a Teacher Writer, it’s a work in progress.  I made progress toward my goal of being a Reading Specialist as Graduation Day approaches.  This has required me to get over dreading and avoiding writing.  My classes have helped me tremendously.  I’ve been freed from the bondage of fear and doubt that I couldn’t do it and firmly believe now that “If it is to be, It’s Up to Me”.  I have gained knowledge, strategies, teaching skills and confidence that will help me get the job done.  I use my learned strategies daily in my classroom.  The teacher I work with says there is a noticeable difference this year in the student’s speed of growth in reading and writing.

Some questions and concerns that I have are:   Will I be able to practice some of the practices I have learned in this program with our school curriculum?  I will not let this stands in my way.   Will the other teachers in the school embrace my perspectives?  I’m going to join Mrs. Evan’s Revolution.  One thing for sure, I am honored to have taken this step of achievement with all my classmates which consist of teachers from all three schools, and I welcome the opportunity to create a district collaborative for Teacher Writing at our schools.  I Did IT!    “Celebrate, Good Times, Come on!  I have attached a copy of my ‘Final Paper”.

Already Ready Research Paper


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